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Vendor FAQ's

Click here to download Vendor system manual or read the most frequently asked questions that we have listed below.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, you are welcome to e-mail us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer.


How do I access my hostel vendor page?

To access your hostel vendor page, go to the Hostel & Trade tab and click on Trade Sign In or just click here

Enter your username and password.  If you have forgot them, please email from your official hostel/backpacker email address and we will e-mail you the details as soon as possible.

How do I update prices of my rooms?

To update your room prices, click on “Room Setup”.  Select “Edit Details” of the room you need to update.  Enter new price in “Default Price” and click on “Save”.

How do I add a new room type?

To add a new room, click on “Room Setup”.  At the top of the screen, click on “Add New Room”.  Simply enter in all the details of the room type and click on “Save”

How do I upload new Photo’s?

To upload new images, click on “Property Information”, scroll down to Property Gallery. 
Click on “Browse” and locate where your photos are saved (photos must be in JPEG format), select the photo and click on “Upload”.  Save Changes.
Once the image is uploaded, clicking on “Main” will make the selected image the main image of the hostel/product. This image will become the first image that will be shown to our travellers on VIP website.

How do I Increase/Decrease Price for a particular period (Sporting, cultural, religious event) greater than 2 weeks in length?

Select “Long Term Allocation & Pricing”, select the room type that needs to be changed.  Select both the Start date and End date; it will display Allocation, Pricing and Minimum Night Stay. 
Enter in your new prices for the period, in each day and click on Save. This is a generic pricing section. Prices will be set according to the days of the week and not particular dates. So you can have different rates for the next one year for weekdays and weekends, or only for particular days of the week.

How do I Increase/Decrease Price for a particular period (Sporting, cultural, religious event) smaller than 2 weeks in length?

Select “Short Term Allocation & Pricing”.  This will display a calendar for the next 2 weeks.  You can make changes to Allocation, Pricing and Minimum Night Stays, by entering your updates directly into the calendar and saving the changes you have made. Don't forget to save after you made your changes.

How do I block out dates?

Select “Short Term Allocation & Pricing”.  At the very top of the page, you will see “Block out Allocations”.  Select your start and end date and you can choose a room type or select all room types.  Then click on “Block Inventory”, followed by Save.

How do I check past bookings?

To check past bookings, click on “View Bookings”, all past bookings will show up on screen. 
You are able to click on the Confirmation Number to check monies owed.
Just click on the particular booking and you will see all the relevant details of the booking.
Clicking on “View Card Details” on the bottom of the page will reveal all the confidential credit card details of the traveller.

How do I acknowledge bookings?

You should get an email sent to your address, where you are able to click on a link to acknowledge the booking.  If you are unable to do this, simply log in to your hostel vendor page and the unacknowledged booking will display on your home page.  Click on the confirmation number and click on acknowledge booking.


How to make our discount offer a book able product on VIP Backpackers website?

The best way of promoting an offer is not just by listing it on our website and our guidebook, but also making it book able on our website. VIP Backpackers website offers a wonderful booking engine to all our travellers who want to browse, search, plan and book their tours.

If you are interested in making your discount offer and product book able on our website, then please contact Then we will send you all the relevant paperwork for all the information we need to make your product book able on our system.

Once uploaded on our website, you will then be provided with a web page full of information of your product, and a booking option.

How do we make any changes to the offer that we are providing VIP Backpackers?

Please email us any changes you may want to make from time to time on VIP website regarding your discount offering, contact details, or description of your discount product.